Lunch N Outdoor


Sandwich keeper

 Features & Benefits

·         One piece container means no seal to keep track of, or to get lost.
·         Hinged over is easy to open with one hand
·         Holds an average size sandwich or snacks
·         Fits comfortably into backpacks, briefcases and some purses.


Best Lunch

Features & Benefits

Tropical Cup – 10.0cm (D) x 5.1 cm (H), capacity – 230 ml
Square Away - 13.8 cm (D) x 12.8 cm (W), 3.9 cm (H), capacity – 400 ml
Tumbler – 7.5 cm (D) x 14.9 cm (H), capacity – 340 ml

·         Square Away – Convenient; handy size
·         2 Tropical cups – Airtight and Liquid-tight containers which allows you to pack a complete, wholesome meal.
·         Tumbler – liquid tight.
·         Best Lunch bag – Smart spacious lunch kit; can carry an additional spoon, napkin or any other important items. 


Executive Lunch

2Small Bowls – 11.6 cm (D) x 3.4 cm (H), capacity – 180 ml each
2Large Bowls – 11.6 cm (D) x 8.0 cm (H), capacity – 450 ml each

 Features &Benefits:

·         Classic round liquid-tight seal prevents spillage of curries.
·         Four bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch.

Slim Lunch

Small – 17.0 cm (L) x 12.9 cm (W) x 3.2 cm (H), capacity – 340 ml
Classic – 22.0 cm (L) x 16.5 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H), capacity – 610 ml

 Features & Benefits:

·         Extra slim size makes it easy to carry and to fit into a briefcase or school bag.
·         Air-tight seal keeps food fresh longer.
·         Special groove fits into the rim of divider to provide convenient compartments.
·         Textured surface that resists scratches.
·         Polished surface inside makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Divided Dish

16.65 cm (D) x 3.61 cm (H), capacity – 350 ml

Features & Benefits: 

·         Ideal for your little one and even adults, a smart product designed especially to meet lunch box needs.
·         Ideal for storing and serving baby food and kids snacks/tiffin prepared in advance.
·         Ideal for giving packed favorite lunch or snack for your kid to take to school or outing.
·         A convenient size, it can be accommodated in any hand bag or school bag.
·         Includes one divided dish and one seal.
·         Divided dish-Three compartment design keeps food neatly separated.
·         The 3 separate compartments in the dish makes it possible to serve three of your favorite snacks or dishes for lunch or snacking.
·         Virtually liquid-tight seal offers superior storage and makes it easy to transport foods.
·         The seal is air tight, keeping food fresh and hygienic for a long time.
·         Recommended for children 6 months and above

Large Handy Bowl

16.6 cm (D) x 4.5 cm (H), capacity – 500 ml

 Features & Benefits: 

·         To carry your meal when on the move.
·         Appropriate round shape makes it easy to carry your parantha/achar or roti with sabzi and fits into your purse.
·         Air/liquid tight seal ensures that your lunch does not stain the other belongings.
·         To store biscuits or chocolates and other goodies.



Tropical twins

10.0 cm (D) x 5.1 cm (H), capacity – 230 ml

 Features & Benefits: 

·         It has a classic round seal which makes it air tight as well as liquid tight.
·         It’s sheer base helps in identifying contents easily.
·         It is stackable thus saves space.