Aug 21, 2011

How to join Tupperware India


If you are wondering about:
* How to join Tupperware?
* How to become a Tupperware consultant/dealer?

It is very easy to join Tupperware chain of confidence. You should be a woman. Once you join the family of Tupperware, just start with a party.  There is no initial investment required.

Easy steps to become a Tupperware Consultant/ Dealer.

 * Buy a Starter Kit worth 686/- containing the products worth Rs 1300/- (approx).
 * Order Products worth 5000/- within 4 weeks of joining.
 * You will get the Dealer Code and you can start selling Tupperware Products.

Starter Kit Contents
 Contents                        Pcs             MRP
 MM Oval # 2                     1               345
 Cool n Fresh Small          1               180
 Mini Magic Flow                1               275
 Vegetable Peeler              1               240
 New Kit Bag(Hand bag)    1                 -

Kit also contains the catalogue, sucess guide, and date book to get better knowledge about the product and how to give demo of the product.

To become a Tupperware consultant/dealer send an email to

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